I have a C050045C011A (450b).  Does the 1A at the end still denote it is a 4Mbps unit?  Does the second last digit still denote the capacity? Eg. 1A-4Mbps, 2A-10Mbps etc.?

The 450b product does not have any speed tiers like the older 450 models.  So there is no relation to that second to last digit and throughput caps.  For 450b, that number currently indicates either Mid-Gain (1A, oblong design) or HIgh-Gain (2A, integrated dish).

Thanks for that clairification.  So the AP detrmines the speed? My SM only does 4Mbps.

If you have an SM that is reporting a 4Mbps cap, please contact support.  If you can send me the mac address via private IM, I can take a look and see the history of the unit.

The speed is deteremind by MIR settings, and those are defaulted to effectily uncapped limits unless the device has a speed cap feature key.  For 450b, there have been a small amount of reports of this happening, but we need to analyze the situation and see what it is reporting and why, as well as get it fixed for you.

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