Time out of SM

Good Morning,
We have a time-out problem with 2 of our 5.7 SM’s that we can’t seem to solve. I hope someone can help us and steer us in the right direction.

Location A = AP at base station – 5.7 GHz – Freq. 5820 – Color 5
Location B = SM – Dist =348 Ft. – 5.7 GHz – Freq. 5820 – Color 5
Location C = SM – Dist = .87 mile – 5.7 GHz – Freq. 5820 – Color 5
Location D = SM – Dist = .94 mile – 5.7 GHz – Freq. 5820 – Color 5
Location E = AP - Dist = 101 Ft from Location D – 5.7 GHz Freq. 5825 – Color 20

Location C & D are approximately one quarter of a mile apart.
Location C & D are 16.08 degrees apart.

Our problem is that location C & D time out at the same time, sometimes for a couple of seconds and sometimes for as much as 45 seconds. We think Location E may be causing the problem by interfering with Location D. They are 101 feet apart and from our experience in the past 75 feet has been enough. But, could that be our problem? And it seems odd that Location C would be affected since it’s a quarter of a mile away. Could location D be affecting location C through the AP?

Always in the past when we had an AP & SM close together (more than 75 feet) they were always pointing in opposite directions. This time they are about 40 degrees apart. Could that be a problem?

There is one other thing that I need to add. When the time outs started to occur on location C and D at the same time we disconnected location D from the switch. Location C continued to time out for another 30 – 40 seconds. This part confused us and we just assumed it took awhile for location C SM to reregister???

Thanks for any help you may be able to give us.

Change Location E’s AP to a frequency at least 25MHz away from Location A’s AP; for example 5795. See if that helps Location D’s SM.

are they connected to the same AP?

i have tried having 2 SMs w/ reflector on a Vertical arrangement…

a 5.7 SM w/ reflector is about 1m away from the other SM w/ reflector…

i dont find something wrong with it. =)