Timeline for a more responsive GUI?

As much as I love the ePMP radios, the GUI is a burden.  Drags down even my core i5 laptop and is completely unusable on android devices or even my surface 3.  The CLI is OK, but not really a solution out in the field.

Is there any timeline for a more responsive gui?


I agree.

I find myself in situations where i need to open 5-6 SM's at a time, and by the 3rd, my browser becomes almost unresponsive.  This is on a desktop.  I don't even want to imagine having to do this on a laptop


When anyone around here complains about something being slow the response is "But is it ePMP slow ?".

Even if it was faster it would still be a bad interface though, the slow speed is just the most in your face problem it has. For instance who thought a black on lighter color black menue was a good idiea  (it's white with blue highlight on desktops but black with darker black highlights on tablets/phones)? Do any of the cambmium people ever actually try to use this gear outside of a lab ?  Outside in the sunlight, on a tablet or phone it is impossible to tell what is highlighted.   Probably one of the most poorly thought out gui's I have ever had the displesure of working with.

All manufacturers seem to think pretty UI's count for some reason. (But sometimes forget to expose the really important data and metrics in the pretty UI)

All seem to have hired UI developers that don't know what it is to use a laptop under the sun in a rooftop, while aiming the gear.

It is a widespread situation, but the lockups are making the Epmp UI somewhat special.
(can be mitigated by setting the UI refresh parameter to 20 seconds).

I particularlly like checkboxes and radiobuttons on gray background.

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Our techs also HATE working with ePMP gear on their phones because of the very slow and confusing buttons to get to where they need to go. There shouldn't be hidden menus that open up and lag and is 20 seconds behind what we're tapping on the screen.

This should be as simple as Ubiquiti and as fast and then me and my techs would be in heaven.

Cambium, please make this a high priority to either redo the whole GUI for fast and simplicity of use. 


I have only had this "lag" issue if my laptop is in power saving mode, or the radio itself is lagging (have a couple on the network like this)

Otherwise i normally have 8 or so open, no issues, though my laptop is a 2nd gen i 7, i only notice issues if it drops to 600mhz.

I do agree it is kinda bulky, and wish menues were not hidden, however i like the UI over pmp100

>UI over pmp100

I would be so happy if they put the pmp100 interface on the ePMP !  I admit the pmp100 interface worked better before Cambium got ahold of it (session status is a pita now,  pages dont' display right on phone sometimes)  but  in my opinion it is leaps and bounds better than the ePMP interface. Other than being able to save/restore configs which the pmp100 can't do for some reason.

What would really make me happy is ubiquiti's interface on the ePMPs .  I know that can't happen , it's  just a fantasy I have.

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My installer laptop is a Dell mini 9. Older machine with stripped down XP Pro on it (only 17 processes running at startup), 2gb of ram, 32gb solid-state drive. EPMP interface takes at least 30 seconds to get the log in page, several seconds each menu change. Yes, it is abysmal performance wise.

PMP100 interface rocks on it though, as well as Ubiquiti's...


Oh yes, Atom cpu hates the gui lol

I think a careful revisit of the javascript that populates the UI on refresh is in order.  I suspect significant optimization remains to be discovered. (with particular attention to selectors, IMO)


Hi All, 

We are fully and painfully aware that the GUI performance is causing a lot of inconvenience to you, more so with netbooks and mobile devices. We made slight improvements along the way last year but we know that its nowhere close to enough. Work has been underway including optimization of javascripts (just like newkirk indicates above). However, the team has been multitasking between getting ePMP 2000 done and the GUI optimization work. At this time, we hope to have a release with a much much faster GUI (initial tests show extreme improvements in performance) after we launch ePMP 2000. 

We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused. We are grateful that we have you as customers and ePMP helps grow your business. We are working diligently to ensure you have a better experience when it comes to GUI performance. 

A few notes:

1. We chose the blue and white color scheme to stay in line with the color scheme of our other products (especially the PMP line). We have worked with customers to make sure the GUI displays well in all lighting situations, whether indoor or outdoor. If you still find that there are issues with color scheme under say, bright sunlight etc, please let us know. 

2. The blue and white color scheme also helps the small percentage of our customers who are color blind which is where the original color scheme of black, yellow etc. in the early stages of ePMP was a big mistake. But we learn from our mistakes.

3. We are also making improvements to ensure a better experience on a small screen, i.e smart phones and tablets.

Please keep the feedback coming. It is much appreciated. 




Thank you for the good news :-)

So, when should we expect the new GUI release?

The interface is working somehow good in fast devices, but in slow notebooks is absolutely unusable.

We had to change our netbook for a notebook for one of our installers because of that :-(

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>If you still find that there are issues with color scheme under say, bright sunlight etc, please let us know. 

Did anyone complain about the blue/white ? I don't see that even mentioned anywere except by me and I wasn't complaining about the blue/white I was complaining about the black on black...

Who thought dark black on black was a good idea ? How does that even happen ? Who makes interfaces with black on black ?

What makes this frustrating is when you are standing on a ladder, trying to align the dish and trying to get to Tools > eAlign  but Tools > Software Upgade keeps comeing up instead... over and over and over and you can't figure out why this is happening partially because you can't tell what is being highlited because it's on a phone, in the sun, and the menue is black on black...

Thanks for the clarifying. We will look into changing the color scheme in mobile view. 

For me  the gui is not a priority for the time we spend using it , i understand you put effort on the network side of the product instead of the gui. A good working product for me is more important then the gui :)

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@PCaddict wrote:

For me  the gui is not a priority for the time we spend using it , i understand you put effort on the network side of the product instead of the gui. A good working product for me is more important then the gui :)

Thanks PCaddict. This is something we have heard from several other customers as well. We appreciate the support. Neverthless, GUI performance is something we know we have to address. 

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Auto populating / smart fields are annoying. 

When i highlight text in a field and start typing, it should remove the existing text - not mandate there should always be 8 characters in this field, even while trying to type something. 

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