Timeout after 3 minutes

Just had a canopy 900 system installed, aprox 6 miles from AP. Initial install gave us a rsis around 1230, a jitter less than 3, and several test at 100%. System consistantly will work for 3minutes on, and then time out for 30-45 sec. I have few trees top in the line of site but not much. ISP installer insists that I have to get to line of sight to get steady service. But since I have such a predictable interuption, I tend to think it is on their end, maybe their AP or server? They just put up the 900 system last month, with their 5.7 running for over a year, different APs though.

Any ideas before I go out and put up a 60ft tower?


6 miles is a pretty decent hop, but doable. I just installed a customer last week with a hop of 5.2 miles, shooting over the top of a treeline, and he’s working fine. The consistency of the drop in service is suspicious, though. I would be curious to know what frequency you are on, and how thorough of a spectrum analysis your ISP did… if you only have a little foliage in the way, even a 6-mile hop should work.