Timezone setting for NTP

I’m not sure if this has been posted before… I did a search and it came up empty. Right now, I have a problem with one of my APs receiving a GPS sync but not receiving the time. I was going to switch to NTP, but you don’t support a timezone setting on the radios. This means that all NTP responses will show up as GMT only. I am GMT-5. It’s not really a necessary function, but it would be nice to have all time settings in my local timezone. A simple GMT +/- “X” box below the NTP setting would be great. Thanks!

Thanks for the suggestion Pete. I submitted a feature request.

Canopy_Support wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion Pete. I submitted a feature request.

Is this going to get put in any time soon? It's still an issue. You would figure three years would be enough time to get this in.

Any new trends, regarding the time zone management?

Bump here as well please.

Or at least include “UTC” next to each time string, so it makes clear what it is using.


is it realy so hard to just add a time zone opt in the firmware? come on already!

Just so everyone is aware of the option, Last Mile Gear has this.

We just put one in and I love it.


Actually I can’t understand why Moto hasn’t solved this trivial issue yet :frowning:

I would like to see this too!

we have SBS server 2008 with all of its nice little dodads, we have a extra time server (virtual) off by 6 hours to make up for this little hickup, its setups the time wrong so it comes back right for me :slight_smile: even daylight savings lol

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