timing slave alwasys restarting

dear all,

I’got strange problem.

Ive point topoint using BH 5.7 , the strage was , the site who has timing slave always restarting after connected for last 5 minute. I’ve try to change master > slave, and slave > master , but the site with timing slave always restart. I doubel check frekuensi is empty.

anyone have any suggestion ?


once again please redefine restarting.

Is it possible for you to post the configs of both BH. Is their any other Canopy equipment powered up anywhere.

Sounds like a configuration issue, chance of you having 3 faulty BH is extremely low.

actually the config is standard ,

I just change the color colde and ip address, others are default.
And I
ve already installed many canopy wih the same config, but only this link has strange problem


when you say restarting are you saying that it reboots ?

Sounds like an RF or cable issue if you switched the problematic side to the opposite BH type, i.e. you were experiencing problems with the radio originally configured as a slave, you switched it to a master, and the problem still persists.

Perhaps there is some type of interference present on that side of the link that is causing the radio to reboot/drop the link (please clarify “rebooting”) or the unit has a power issue and that is why it continually “reboots”.

Provide us with some more detailed information and we will help you.