to ground or not to ground

does everyone use grounds blocks and ground wire? i always do, but if i remember correctly motorola says not to???

Motorola would never say not to ground.

You should install a 600SS protector or similar on the PoE run, bonding it to the main electrical ground with #10 solid green. All oxidation and paint must be cleaned off of the rod or wire you are connecting to. I like to wire brush the connection point and then use a copper split bolt or acorn to make the joint. I also prep the joint with Harger copper joint compound (CU to CU) or Penetrox A13 (CU to AL or other metal), depending on the material I am connecting to to help reduce the corrosion in the joint.

If you install a second rod, you MUST bond that rod back to the main rod with a minimum of #6 wire. I prefer #2 solid, tinned for this purpose. An acorn clamp can be used to connect to the rod, but where I can get away with it I will shoot an exothermic weld as this ensures 100% positive contact and eliminates the chances of the wire coming loose.

yeah i know but i thought they mentioned/or i read that grounding was not ness.