too much equipment

Is there a maximum ammount of ap’s and backhauls that you can have on one system and if so, what happens if it is overloaded?

As long as you design the network properly I don’t see am issue other then latency if you have too many hops to the internet. Why?

I have 6 - 5.7 AP’s, 4 900 AP’s, and three Backhauls all on one tower. I use 2 CMM micro’s with their own separate timing modules. I’m dropping sm’s on and off on one 900 ap intermittantly. I’m going to do a spectrum analasys tonight, but I thought that maybe there could be some timing problems because of too much equipment.

I actually have a Motorola best practice wireing guide that has a diagram of how to wire up a single site with a full 2.4, 5.7, and 900 cluster and BH to feed the site. It uses 3 CMMmicro.

You could still have a timing problem but you would probably see this in the log on that AP. Make sure all 4 900 AP’s are set the same on the config page and look for interference. Also I like to have the rx signal be about 10db above anything on that freq. Try to keep them between a -60 and a -77. Anything better then -60 will desensatize the rx of the AP, anything above a -77 has the possability to fade and become unstable.