Too much link fluctuation with Force 180 client

Dear all,

I currently have an ePMP 1000 Non-GPS Access point with a frequency of 5800 MHz where 2 clients using Force 180 CPEs are connected.

The link of the 1st user who is around 700 meters is quite stable and gives a constant 40 mbps downlink test throughput.

The link of the 2nd user who is around 2400 meters varies constantly and fluctuates. The wireless test link tests varies from 1 mbps downlink to 23 mbps downlink. It is quite unstable.

I have attached the table of the Registered Subscriber Modules of these users.

Is this normal with regard to the distance? How to I go about further trouble shooting this?

Appreciate your input in this regard.



RSSI and SNR looks good on your screenshot.

Could you please try to monitor Spectrum for half an hour with Spectrum Analyzer Tool to make sure there is any interference on the channel?

Thank you.