Tour of Britain Wi-Fi case study

Looking to build awareness of your city or town? Host an event that draws attention and invites visitors.

Want those visitors to have a great experience in your town? – Offer free Wi-Fi that outperforms what they have at home.

Check out the Tour of Britain case study -

“Wi-Fi is extremely important to us because we operate a complex logistical operation we are organising an event which is dynamic, on the road, taking place across the countryside in different towns and cities every day; it’s crucial that we remain connected.”– Alastair Grant, Commercial Director SweetSpot and Tour of Britain organiser

The cnPilot solution includes cnMaestro cloud-based network management system, which eliminates the need for a central Wi-Fi controller – preventing any single point of failure and ensuring that the network can handle the potential user density of several thousand simultaneously. cnMaestro’s other powerful features include zero touch onboarding, inventory tracking, monitoring, mass configuration and upgrade, troubleshooting, and hierarchical device organisation.