tower arrangement

I have a 50ft tower and I am going to have 2 trango 45 links 5.7 and ~4-6 5.7 backhauls.

So everything is in 5.7-5.8 range

What type of distance should i have between the units? I would like to keep the dishes low, due to wind and etc.

Any suggestions?

how much of the specrum is usable?

my first thought is to put the trangos on the same freq using opposite polarities at 5840 and put the aps on three channels at 5735, 5750, and 5765 using the back to back rule.

With that setup you won’t need much separation at all.

Per Moto, there are 6 non overlapping channels in the 5.7 band, considering 20Mhz seperation

5.735 5.775 5.815
5.755 5.795 5.835

Although they recommend 25Mhz spacing …

Note I have 3 ap(120 degree sectors) running and a ptp400 all in 5.7 , with the ptp400 about 2 ft under the ap and have had no issues…

See, can’t trust my memory…

5.735 5.755 5.775 with the BH’s at 5835… Key is to get as much separation as possible between the AP’s and the BH’s