Tower Companies

Has anyone had positive responces from any tower companies such as SpectraSite, American, SBA, Crown Castle, or others as to being responsive, price competative, etc. We find that spectrasite seems to be willing to work with us and we have been installing on their towers at what we guess is a fair rate around $500 a month, low or no setup fees. Dealing with American is like pulling teeth, expensive and they just bought spectra. Getting responses from the others has been difficult.
What Companies have others used and what price range’s have you seen? And are there people in these companies that are better than others to work with?



we secure sites as required and try to own as many as we can, then we can rent back out to pay off our investment

I have spoken with Crown Castle once, and from what I heard over the phone, they are expensive, as they are used to dealing with Cell phone companies. But I did get quick response, just by emailing the address they had on the FCCs website. One of the companies we deal with locally is very good, and is only charging us $215/month and we have 4 APs @ 265’ and a BH @ 150’. If you can find smaller companies you will have better luck at getting someone willing to work with you.

I have formed relationships with most of the major tower companies. Being in the cellular tower business, as well as being a Canopy service provider, allows me to appreciate issues on both sides of the fence which makes negotiating attractive broadband leases possible. If you would like help in a particular area or need help negotiating with a particular provider, I’d be glad to help.


Steer clear of American… they don’t have a good reputation of being very responsive! Plus, they tend to really overload their towers.

That is what i have seen as well, American is very unresponsive and expensive when they do talk. Spectra worked with us very nicely, but they got bought by american last week, so we can see that relationship go away. SBA and Crown seem to be trying to work with us on some new towers, we will know more in a few days how that goes.