Tower Height

I have a question, we are looking into a new tower. The tower height is 584 feet tall, is it ok if we put access point at the very top. Whats the advantage and disadvantage. Whats a good height. we are backhauling to the tower so all we need to run up the 584 feet is power only so we want have cat6 max problems.

I would recommend putting the CMM in the middle of the tower, running nice big power cable to it and cat6 or double shielded cat5 for the radios. If you do it without CMM or switch in between probably it wouldn’t work.

Also, if you won’t be going above 10Mb, turn the Ethernet interfaces to 10mb as it will minimize problems caused by attenuation.

Are you gaining anything from actually going up to the top? What’s the terrain like in the area?

Also…just because you can go to the top doesn’t nessessarily mean you should. Are their other antennas up at the that could possible interfere with yours (Same freq, really high power)…if there are, then have some vertical seperation from them would be highly recommended. Location is sometimes more important then height.

I’d check the freq’s and power output of the antennas and the terrain in the area before I’d do anything and then build your plan from there.

Do the top! :slight_smile: If it doesn’t work go down. But always go for he highest point. Maybe in 900 mhz this is not the issue, but since I never had seen 900 mhz Canopy radio I couldn’t tell.

im uing 5.7, 5.2 and 2.4

will being high limit my range

being higher will expand your range

Putting the AP at the top just because you can is not the best method for deployment. The question to ask is what is the distance of the nearest and furthest potential customer?

Found a cool little tool here:

Go to the tools, then Downtilt Coverage. Says if the antenna is at 528 feet and the downtilt is 21deg, you will have coverage from .8 miles to the horizon.

Thanks Jerry That exactly waht i needed