Tower Mounting Brackets

Motorola used to list an outfit down in texas that manufacture a tower mounting bracket for Canopy Clusters.

This was listed in the 3rd party solutions area.

I can no longer find them, does anyone have a source other than wireless guys for tower mounting hardware and brackets ?

I am looking for items that are specific to Canopy


jay clark

The outfit you’re looking for is:
Texas Communications :stuck_out_tongue:

Main Contact for Canopy is Lewis Bergman (Good guy)

As far as I know they are still selling the AP Cluster Mount (been a little while since I bought one though)

Good Luck,

"Main Contact for Canopy is Lewis Bergman (Good guy) "

Thanks, I will give him a call, checked their website and could not find any mention of the cluster mount.

I am searching for an alternitive supplier to wireless guys for this type of hardware, and don’t have the time to go down and talk to my local weld shop.