Tower Setup Question

Could someone help me determine if I can do the following setup without a CMM.

I have 2 towers located 16 miles apart. Our network will be 900mhz with an Omni on each tower. We will bring our bandwidth into a building and get it to the first tower with a 5.7 backhaul and to the second tower with another 5.7 backhaul. The picture below might describe it better.

I know that I can run the second tower without a CMM and just pass timing from the BH to the AP via a cable, but im not sure how I could do it on the first tower. Thanks for the help.


I would recommend putting a CMMmicro at tower1 and setting the BHs at that tower as master. then on tower2 you can run a sync cable from the BH slave to the AP. be sure to set the downlink % on your BHs to 50%