Tracking interference

There used to be threads on tracking with an SM and a yagi, to locate sources of interference.

We have some 900 thats coming in heavy in the cool morning but fading out as the humidity picks up. I would like to track these folks down and work with them, but the best ive been able to do is get general distances.

There was a thread here once about using the yagi and driving towards the light, but i think im doing things the hard way.

And what about non canopy sources? if I find the center channel of the interference, and set the sm to only look at that freq, I should by rights be able to set the autorefresh webpage to 1s and start ththe spectrum analyzer and drive towards it, right?

Is there an easier way?

Also, I dont know if what ive done is ethical, as I cant stand people getting on other peoples networks. I set the snmp unit name to “Please contact (comapny name) at (phone number) to discuss spectrum sharing” and linked to their AP so they could see that in their AP sessions tab.

Well, the other way to do it would be to set up a distributed network of sectorized spectrum analyzers so you can triangulate the source - wouldn’t be cheap though :lol:

I’m with you on the linking to other people’s networks - however from what you describe, if they haven’t got security turned on they’re basically asking for it, and it’s not like you’re using their traffic or even much of their airtime to maintain an idle link. Heck, maybe the presence of your radio may cause them to re-think their security model. Beware though that the laws in your area may not agree with my ethical assessment should the other company get upset (“Unauthorized access to a computer network” comes to mind)

Maybe this one?