Traffic Priority and Queue Type

Do any of the QoS Traffic Priority Types function in a round-robin fashion?

For example, if Type "IP" is chosen and a subnet mask is used to define a range of IPs, will the traffic from that range of IPs be prioritized and passed a using round-robin or first-in-first-out queue?

Thanks, Chris

We use WFQ(weighted fair queuing ) which is pretty similar to deficit round robin.

The following weights are used for different queues:

Voice priority (50),

High priority (30),

Low priority (20).

Each station has each unique set of priority queues.

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Thank you for the reply. 

To clarify, I'm wondering if some fair queue is used within the three categories. 

Specifically, if a group of IPs is put into the "High priority" category, how is the traffic for those IPs handled within "High priority"? Do those IPs get fair queuing within the "High priority" category?

No, we don't do any additional processing for the packets in the queue. So one IP can get more bandwidth then the other.

I'll put in a request in the Ideas section for a fair queuing option for PTP links. I think this would be a fantastic option that would allow maximum and fair use of bottleneck links.