traffic throughput

Still having problems, spoke to Motorola who said that wireless network works differently to standard network, and so we need to optimise our own network to get the best performance, as what or how we need to do this is left to us as the customer to guess (trial and error).

Read their white papers and user guide, as helpful as it maybe, it did not explain the big difference in speeds.

Running bandwidth tracking software and we see very spiky traffic, but average speed does not go above 400kbs, even on a pair of BH’s, and thats a 400 spike average is 80kbps. Motorola recommended we look up TCP recieve window and we have been looking into that but still no luck. Changing the bandidth setting on the SM (sus/burst with up/down all set the same, 64,128,256,512,1024)

We have a VSAT backbone with latency of 600ms and that gives us better performance then canpopy with latency of 20ms.

Can anyone tell me what we are doing wrong or missing, any pointers, websites, experiments, we have used ftp, http, ds-microsoft for downloading and no luck.


if u r on a pait of back Haul , u should get the latency not exceeding 2.5 ms.Please check if u have setup things correctly.What is the distance.

We get close to 7 mbps(Half Duplex) on a pair of backhauls with 2.5 ms latency at a distance of 11 kms, 15 kms, 36.5 kms…

Unless u r referring to Internet Bandwidth . In that case u need to check How much kbps yr ISP gives on this 7 mbps capable pipe.

hi matrix,

This is two BH set to 50/50 on 2.4, out of the box at 20MB modulation. Latency is 2.5ms, they are 20 meters apart 100% efficiency, stick an XP machine on either side share a file on one and do a download from the other. results averaging 10-20KB,

I’ve got BH in live environment pushing more then that, but I am lost to why on table I get this problem.

In my traffic monitoring software I get spiky traffic. I am looking and TCP recieve window and trying to see if that could be causing the problem. Motorola are being about as helpful as we paper bag.

there is not much config to do on the BH, I get the same problem between an AP and SM and 2 SM’s registered to AP, in terms of SM they are all NAT disabled.