Training seminars and/or classes

Morning all,

First a quick background, I have been doing the “wireless thing” for about 3 years now and as of the first of the year I have been promoted to network administrator. I am now responsible for the whole enchilada, 30 ap’s almost 1500 wireless sm’s/cust, backbone, monitoring, maintenance you get it. I’m sure theres a million of you out there :slight_smile: who were once in my newbie shoes. I am very comfortable and excited with my duties and responsibilities but feel that I could always learn more. Working for an excellent company with the right management, installers and office staff is a bonus as well. I obviously find this site and others like it immensely helpful, as there are always useful threads and topics going.

With all that being said does anybody know of any seminars or training classes that are provided anywhere? It would definitely be nice to go to a few day Motorola training and pretty much start from the beginning and take in as much as possible. Knowledge is power right? A few years ago we went to a WaveRider Class for a day which at the time was helpful but I believe Motorola is now the product of the future.

Thanks for time, any and all responses would be appreciated!


well congrats on your promotion!

send a private message to this person … ile&u=2888

I believe he does most of the training stuff for canopy.

I also believe jerry richardson is a trainer. Im sure his post will follow mine shortly.

Good luck and if you have any question feel free to ask on the forum. I have spent endless hours going through this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I was working for CTCA for a brief period as a trainer. Due to airCloud requireing too much attention I stopped working for CTCA.

I can tell you that the quality, pace, and depth of the material is excellent. If I had more time I would still be teaching.

You can reach Charles Cranford of CTCA at (443) 994-0554