Transmit Frame Spreading?

Does anyone use this and in what circumstances do you use it?

we use it when using same freq bounces and for our main towers when we know that the competion is in the area or our other towers are visable from our other towers…

very briefly it is used when other Canopy equipment is near by, to stop interference.

Unless you have canopy kit deployed very close to you, you do not need to use this setting.

You also can use it if you are co-locating Advantge and non-advantage AP’s on a cluster. However I would recommend keeping the cluster uniform.

Not to sound like Tech Support, but it is in the user guide… Page 202 :smiley:


I realize it’s in the user guide, thanks, but I’m just looking to see how effective it is and does it help me.

I use it in area’s with heavy noise floor where I only run one Ap works very good. In area’s where we have multiple Aps it seems to cause self interferance. Plus it does use 200kps to run


Is that high noise from other Canopy kit or any high noise…

It is a little of both, My noise floor here is unbelievable. I should have gone with a different, But it does allow me to operate and keep the freq I’m on busy.

We had a competitor move in to an area, and was not using a cmm. We activated transmit framing caused all kinds of timing problems my sm where dropping like flies. the only way to get them to reregister was to reboot the Ap.

We finally got the other company to use a cmm and corrected the problem.

didn’t the competitor have problems on his own network… or was he single unit deployment ?

No, he only had one customer at the time. But once we explain the problem he fixed it.