Trouble registering subscriber unit


We are having an issue with a customer who is on an island about 10 miles away from one of our AP's. We have an integrated 450 subscriber on a pole at his house with a dish and we are getting about 76dBm (79H, 80V) and the unit can see the access point in the AP Evaluation. The unit will try to register to the AP (on boot up it will state Syncing then registering) but after that it will just simply continue scanning. The colour code is correct. We have tried two different subscriber units (v13.2) and have the same result.

We have checked the AP (also version 13.2) and the max distance is set to 15 miles. The SM recieve target level is 52dBm

Has anyone else had a similar experience or could offer some advice on how to solve the issue? Do we need to look at a connectorised subscriber - and if so recomendations on antenna?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Is this shot over water, and how close to the water? Shots over water can be very difficult to work with due to the waves reflecting the RF all over the place and causing multipath distortion. What frequency are you using?

-76dBm is cutting it pretty close for the 10dB SnR bare minimum needed for PMP450, especially if you're shooting over water, who knows what the water could be doing to the signal.

Depending on your regulatory zone and what region you've set your radios to, there's a good chance that even though you've set your SM recieve target level to -52dBm, the SM is putting out as much power as it can already but won't get close to ever reaching -52dBm.

-52dBm is pretty hot, I typically set my recieve level to -60 for 2.4GHz, -65 for 5GHz, and -68 for 3.65GHz (when using a 20mhz channel width) but YMMV...

Get away from that water (higher up if possible) use 5GHz, and use a 2' dish... get that fresnal zone as tight as possible and away from the water.