trouble with distant SM

Hello all. I am trying to get a customer online using Canopy 900 gear. He is 14.5 miles away NE from my tower, over mostly open farmland. I have a customer less than 2 miles from him that works great (antenna (M2 yagi) is about 20’ in the air).

So…this person erected a tower, about 60 feet. There are no trees or obstructions around his house. I can get a signal and get registered, but the tests are terrible - downlink is decent, usually over 85%, uplink is 30% or less. I am using an M2 14dbi yagi, which I use pretty much all the time as my standard antenna. I have tried at different heights all up and down the tower, but cannot get the tests any better. All tests performed with the SM 1x (it is a P10 radio), with 9.5 software on the SM and AP. Max range on the AP set to 20 miles (don’t know if that is enough or not?)

This SM I checked this morning at my office, about 3 miles from my tower - got over 90% both ways, using the same M2 yagi as tried above.

There is another Canopy operator nearby, with about 10 miles or so of the above customer. He is on one of the 3 non-overlaping channels using a omni. I didn’t catch the exact channel, if it was 906, 915 or 924. (My tower has 3 sectors, using each channel).

Any ideas? I tried a wireless beehive stinger (the round one), but it was very weak and would not register.

Am I getting interference from the back side of the M2 yagi from this other WISP? I have a larger panel antenna - the super stinger, but have not tried it yet.

I really want to get this one working - it should have been a no-brainer with the tower to mount to.


Is everything GPS time synched? Does a spectrum analysis (on SM or AP) during the poor time show anything?

Yes, GPS sync on all APs. I will check the spectrum later today and post results.

What is the transmit power on the SM set to?

Use A KPperformance 17.5db yagi antenna
if you never tried 1 they will send you 1 for FREE

sm = 26db at 1x.