try this It works great

I was always trying to improve communication between the office staff and the techs that fix the internet problems. I looked for software to track work order tickets. I could not find anything that would do the job and everything cost a lot of money.

This is what solved the problem

I Installed forum software on a Linux PC. Gave every one at the office a user and password. Made four boards on the forum

1 work for customers
2 work for our company

3 completed work no invoice
4 completed work with an invoice

once a job is complete we move it from 1&2 to 3 or 4

Works great we can go back and look at the history of a job. We can do a search for a customer and see the complete history of calls

I hope this tip helps

A simple forum… ha, maybe we are overcomplexitizing everything and think that if we don’t have way cool software made by cyber ninjas from the future with lazer eyes that its no good… K.I.S.S.