Trying to configure a 3ghz 450 AP

I am trying to set up an AP just for testing purposes. I plan on leaving it in factory default except, I would change the region to North America and Country to USA. Currently the problem I am facing is that the AP does not allow me to select any frequency carrier. It keeps defaulting to none even though there are in the frequency list. Actually the list starts at 3305 and only goes up to 3595. Is there a way I can get the AP to broadcast something just so I can test for like 30-45 minutes then take the AP offline and possibly do a real configuration if it works out in this area.

Don’t believe it will let you broadcast until it’s registered to SAS.

Set region to Other/Other… BUT… it sounds like you have a low band PMP450 AP… it might not be compatible with CBRS. What’s the AP part number?