Trying to disable a user account via JSON file

Hi to all

I'm trying to disable system account (installer, home and read-only) via JSON file.

From what I understand from text backup from another devices, there is a "!" character at the start of the password string:

        "template_props": {
                "templateName": "",
                "templateDescription":  "",
                "device_type":  "",
                "version":      "3.2.1"
        "device_props": {
                "cambiumSysAccountsTable": [
                        "cambiumSysAccountsName":       "readonly",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsHash":       "$1$zn4/PlCl$1qP9PGmPChDwkDAgp5Qgw0",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsUID":        "4000",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsGID":        "100",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsDir":        "/tmp",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsShell":      "/bin/false "
                        "cambiumSysAccountsName":       "dashboard",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsHash":       "$1$Y9oz6eRg$ysokBk9VZCGo4AN6WQgVF0",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsUID":        "5000",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsGID":        "100",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsDir":        "/tmp",
                        "cambiumSysAccountsShell":      "/bin/false"

But this file cannot be imported, due to


error : Password hash contains illegal chars

Firmware 3.2.1

I I remove the "!", I can also change the password as I want.

Does anyone see this?

Yes, a workaround is set a different (long) password.

This appears to be a bug.  If I create a backup on a radio that has a user account disabled and then try to restore with that file I will also get that error message.

Yes, we are aware of this defect. We're targeting the fix for Release 3.3. 

Has this been fixed in 3.3? I can't find any mention in the release notes :(

Edit: Answered my own question - yes it has :)

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