Trying to get a stable ping...

Hi all,
My last problem was finally corrected several months ago. They replaced the antenna and solar panels and its been working great!

Anyways, when I first got the service I was set at approx. 800kb and had a stable ping around 140ms playing online games. It would go up or down a few points but always stayed close to 140ms. For about 3 months or so, after a system upgrade or they like me alot my account is set up for unlimited bandwidth. So usually Iam at around 2400kb down and around 700kb up. (But, have seen it go down to 70-100kb during peak hours.) But, I get a ping of anywhere from 86ms to 300ms.

So, I guess Iam wondering if I get my bandwidth pegged back to 800kb would that stabilize my ping?
Any input appreciated

bandwidth and latency are two different thingsā€¦call the ISP