Trying to install PTP650


Need to create just 1 channel between 27 kilometers. I have installed 2 PTP's at two 20m tower at the two ends of planned way. How can i upgrade the signal strength? Don't understand to advanced frequency settings in the web menu. Can anybody explain or tell me which can give me the best performance on 27 km way between two points. Traffic proportion 75% to 25%

Hey there RDN... we need you to answer some questions before we can help you...

- Did you use LinkPlanner to plan this link? If not... please use Cambium's free LinkPlanner in the future. It's an invaluable tool to help you build and plan your PtP and PtMP networks.

- Have you used PTP650 before? Have you reviewed any of the documentation available HERE.

- Did you bench test and pre-configure them to make sure they'd connect?

- What size dishes are you using?

- What area of the world are you in?

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Thx for reply,

No, I didn't use it before, thx for advise!

- I didn't use ptp's before :(

- Yes, i configured it at the ground at 5 meters far away from each other. It works at this moment at the towers.

- The size of dish is about 35 sm

- I'm in Turkmenistan :) 

P.S. It works at the moment. Signal strength about 40-45, link capacity about 160-230 mbit/s, but there is just a one problem. I turned on the DSO, because it works near the radar,  so i let him change freq channels automatically, but it when it change it, the signal drops almost to 10 mbit/s, how can i  choose the best channel if i don't understand physics and frequencies? :)