Trying to understand Hardware and Software Scheduling

For new subscriber modules, Hardware scheduling can be enabled by selecting a configuration option on the subscriber module web page. For older subscriber modules, Hardware scheduling can only be enabled by utilizing a separate Hardware Scheduler FPGA

In release 7.2 if p7 & p8 wan’t to support hardware scheduling its FPGA must be 071305

You need to use tools within CNUT to change p7 & p8 to hardware scheduling. There is no option on the config page in the sm. CNUT version 1.1 comes with a tool to enable hardware scheduling under

tools - external tool - cnuthwscheduler.jar

To run hardware scheduling on the BH modules you must have P9 hardware on both ends of the link

Is the above information correct?
How do you upgrade the FPGA?

When I run hardware scheduling from CNUT I get this messege

AP4 status does not support hardware schedullng 
AP LUID 2 unable to communicate / extract info element

Is this because the FPGA has to be upgraded on the AP

Please goe easy on me this is my first post

The AP must be a P9 to run hardware sched. Yes the other info is correct.