Trying to upgrade CnMaestro on premise from 1.2.0-r1 to 1.2.2-r3

Ok I gotta say I am fast becoming a big big fan of the Cambium product. Everything about it appears to be easier and just better built. That being said I am pulling my hair out attempting to upgrade the CnMaestro on premise software.

I have created a Ubuntu server and put VM Workstation 12.5 Pro on it. When 1.2.0 came out I put that on there as a VM and it installed fine. We recently added some new 450i devices and I was wanting to monitor them in CnMaestro. No big deal just upgrade. Read the notes and soon reallized the only little drawback was that you had to remove the older version of maestro and install the newer version as a new VM. Ok I have had worse issues. I exported the data from the old version of maestro. Deleted the old VM that had 1.2.0 on it even making sure to delete it from disk, and then attempted to created another VM using the open file method I used on the 1.2.0. I keep getting the error message "Error importing OVF: SHA1 digest of file cnmaestro-on-premises_1.2.0-r1_amd64-disk1.vmdk does not match manifest". This doesn't make a ton of sense as it appears to be referencing the 1.2.0 install file and I am using the 1.2.2 install ova. I made sure I was opening the correct file several times, even deleted and moved it onto the server again even though the checksum said it was good to go. Removed the old .ova file and anything directories I thought might be associated with it no luck. Huh alright, I will remove the whole VM Workstation pro application. Removed it from the server and installed it once again. Interface came up and then tried to open the file again in VMware. Still receiving the same error. I am at a loss and I was hoping someone with a little more knowledge could help me out here. I appreciate any and all help.

What is the size of the new OVA you are trying to import?
I am just trying to understand if it was downloaded properly.


Hello thank you for the quick response. The .ova file is about 2.6 gig in size. I hope this helps and if there is anything else let me know.

Well I finally got this resolved. I tried to blow away the server and install a brand new Ubuntu server and reinstall VM Ware 12.5.1 Pro and then installed the .ova file with the same results. I was scratching my head and couldn't figure out what could have happened. I decided to directly download the newest .ova file from the server instead of downloading it to my Mac and doing an SCP to copy it over. Low and behold everything worked just fine. Not sure why this made a difference but it did. I hope this helps someone else out. Have a great day.

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