Turn off MU-MIMO (for testing )

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Is it possibel to turn off MU-MIMO for testing ? like ePMP200 which allows to disable Beamforming.



You can turn off MU-MIMO when doing Tools->Link Capacity Test-> Link Test to Multiple VCs. There is a radio button for MU-MIMO enable/disable, this only applies to the link test though.

If you have 450m 'limited' then you can turn MU-MIMO on/off at will (up to 30 days running time).

If you have a full 450m I don't think there is a customer facing option to turn off MU-MIMO. We didn't anticipate customers testing MU-MIMO on/off other than the Link Capacity test mentioned earlier. If there is an outpouring of support for this feature I'll add it to the list of things to add in future releases, or you could add it to the 'ideas' section.

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I am curious what data you'd be trying to gather while not operating in MU-MIMO mode.  What are you trying to test?

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