Dear Cambium,

Please make a TV White Space product.

Tomorrow would be great, I'll come pick it up.

I've asked about this too and I was told that it's never going to happen due to the complexity of the certification and operations rules, along with the fact that they'd be jumping through all these hoops for a US/FCC only product with no real ROW value. The compromise was developing the 450i 900MHz product. If you're looking for a TVWS check out Runcom.

we tried the runcom and got burned on the refund... sent the gear back and still waiting for $8k to be returned.... from last summer.  

the runcom gear worked, just not as advertised. its wimax and 4x4 .... but only mimo A. so your going to see max 21 mbps.   21 meg isn't bad... but for the price and B.S. i delt with from them not to mention the up to 80 meg promise which is part of why i ordered it in the first place.    i never got more than 13 meg from the CPEs myself personally.  

2nd they wouldn't allow us access to thier microNOC, i was far from ok with that.   not a chance. plus wouldn't configure the device to not need a ASN, wouldn't allow use of public addresses and needs rediculous SNR. never gave me a link budget table, but i was only seeing qam 16 3/4 at 60 DB, sometimes saw 64 at 50s.  (i was careful with channel selection, and verified with the spectrum analyzer.     it carried well if you compair it DB to DB to a 900, but didn't work below 65 DB, and on the exact same links, our PMP 100 series 900 gear was registered at 75 db.  but working. Id say the 450i would likely out reach and hands down out perform the product.       

I've never been fed such a line of excuses and reasons why money cant be returned or documents that don't even come close to supporting the product.       

thier product would work for some folks out there... def. those with crowded 900. but burning me on the refund of a product that was over promised, ya..... i can't say i would recommend working with them....  

Sorry to hear about your experience with Runcom. I've never actually done business with them, all I know is that at least on paper they have the only compelling product. I have a feeling that after the 3.XGHz CBRS spectrum is dialed in, and the FCC realizes that TVWS was pretty much a failure... there will be some revision to the rules and we might see some new entries into the TVWS in the next year or two. I think that LTE-A with CA on TVWS with a CBRS-esq database could be the answer.


Will you contact me about Runcom

We also have gotten burnt by them.

would like to talk a little