TX Power for 3ghz 450i

Can anyone tell me what the maximum TX power is for a 450i AP on CBRS for 10mhz and 20mhz?

Non-CBRS is currently 22 dbm for 10mhz and 25 dbm for 20mhz. It's my understanding that the 450i tx power is limited, whereas the 450M is not.

Is the 450i hardware limited to a maximum of 25dbm?

25dBm TX power is the maximum 450i can operate at for any channel width in CBRS. 25dBm is the maximum power that this radio is capable of.

As you note, however, the 450m is capable of achieving much higher EIRP in line with the limits of the CBRS band. This leads to better NLOS and nLOS connectivity, and perhaps better modulations for connected subscribers.

Agreed. However, we've had pretty good results with 450i and NLOS despite the 22dbm handicap. Albeit only at 1 mile from the AP.