TX1012-P-DC Configuration feedback

I don’t like how changes apply as soon as you make them in the GUI.

I appreciate you can always power cycle, assuming you haven’t hit “save”. But this is only useful in a lab environment, I’d feel nervous making remote changes when not physically next to the switch.

But it would be much better to make the changes, then “commit” them when ready. It would be good to have a “commit confirmed” option where after X minutes the switch reverts to the previous config. This is how Netonix works and other vendors like Juniper.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass this to the development team.

Mikrotik does it differently where they have “safe mode”. It makes changes live, but if you screw up and your connection disconnects before you have ticked the button to indicate you are finished, it’ll automatically rollback.

I’ll add, the way Cambium has done it with enterprise switches probably works fine in an enterprise environment, but these are designed to go to remote towers where a visit might be a 4-6 hour return trip.

Hello, cnMatrix supports automatic rollback when configured via cnMaestro. After config sync from cnMaestro and if the switch loses connection, switch will reboot automatically after 12 mins with the last working configuration.
The switch also supports a ‘schedule reload’. Prior to making the configuration remotely, you can schedule a reload in hr:min via Web GUI and CLI. If you have not saved the new configuration on the switch, and the switch lose connection, it will reboot automatically upon reload expiration. You can cancel the reload prior to the expiration.

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Thanks Tam. This is useful.