We started testing uGPS with PMP320.

First of all: Dont use a straight through RJ11 cabling!
This leads to a loss of configuration with every reboot. Dont cable at least the DefaultPlug Pin (4).
Cabling 1,2,3,6 seems to work. May be 1 (pulse), 6(ground) is enough.


As uGPS gets GPS sync the AP gets this reported on the main page and one line in
EventLog: “syncRestored”. Seems even when moving the uGPS Module indoor and hiding it from
GPS-Signals it still delivers sync pulse to the AP. Dont know how and how exact this works then.
Powercycling the uGPS modul removes the sync pulse in this situation.
The Lat/Long Information is not transmitted to the AP. At least I dont see it in “Installation Latitude”.
AP needs 40s to get the sync pulse on boot. As long as sync is not available the wireless interface
is off. So downtime while powercycling is 40s longer with sync.

thanks for posting this information