Ultimate Backhaul

We are looking for a short range backhaul within the Canopy price range that will deliver lots of throughput with steady low latency. It seems that when pushing a lot of information across a backhaul link the ping times jump very high, from 120ms - 500ms, depending on the load.

Any ideas?

We have been happy with the BH20’s

No reflectors are either end about 2 miles

Reflector at one end about 6 miles

Reflector at both ends 20+ miles.

Go with the 20’s. If you are pushing a lot of data you could by 2 pair and split the traffic across each link.

Are you talking 5.2 or 5.8?

adamb wrote:
Are you talking 5.2 or 5.8?

If I was going to do the pair thing probably would do one link 5.8 and the 0ther 2.4.