Unable to access 450m after SFP port activation

I’ve recently begun testing SFP port functionality on a benched 5GHz 450m. When activating the SFP port, I lose all connection to the device until I go through the recovery procedure to reactivate the main Ethernet interface. I can get light and link across the SFP interface and the SFP module we’re using is recognized in the 450m interface and in the Mikrotik CCR I’m using on the other side (although I had to force a 1g negotiation on the 450m for that to work). Poking through the documentation shows the process should be as easy as just turning on the port and getting a link. Please advise.
Firmware version:
SFP: Finisar FTLF8519P3BNL 2.5G SFP (And others, this one was the only one to be recognized by the 450m)
Let me know any other information I can provide to clear up any confusion about my situation.

Edit: Specified the frequency of the 450m

Is this on a 450m 3GHz or 5GHz AP? On 3GHz SFP2 is the one that you need to use. 5GHz it’s SFP1.

And yes… as the manual suggests it should be just that easy. We use SFP on many of our PMP450m 3GHz AP’s.

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Forgot to specify, it’s a 5GHz Medusa. I’m using the only SFP port on the device for the connection. One of my coworkers had some Cambium brand SFPs that I tried as well which didn’t work.

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