unable to access PMP 450 SM interface when NAT/PPPoE is enabled

How can I set Remote Management Interface on SMs to use same IP address of WAN? PPPoE is enabled and I would like to access my SMs remotely using same IP which was addressed on the WAN by the PPPoE server.

the options that I see under NAT tab is Enable Standalone Configuration and set DHCP or Static IP, but I do not want to set another IP, just set it to use same IP from WAN, as ePMP radios do.

Zucchi -  We have a similar request for accessing an SM via the WAN interface.  Engineering is scheduled to look into it for 16.1.  


thanks, Dave. When will 16.1 be available?

Zucchi-  I don't have the a good estimate at this time.  The target for 16.1 is in a couple months.  We are working on 16.0.1 hopefully in the next few weeks.