Unable to connect to the SM via Public address

Hi all, I'm having this issue with an epmp1000 Cambium and firmware 2.6.1: I'm unable to connect to the antenna using the public ip address. I get connection refused when I type the ip public address and the relative ip port of the antenna. No issues when i try to connect to the antenna using the local ip inside the lan (es

The SM network mode is configured with NAT/DHCP enabled, an AP is connected to the SM  LAN interface, providing Wifi coverage in the building. I have no issues at all using the internal lan. I'm always able to reach the SM and also the NAT/DHCP feature is working well. SM firewall are also disabled.

Should I change something in the SM? Any suggestion about it?



I had a similar issue with a few units.  For mine, I could ssh to them successfully, and if I configured them for https access, then I could access them via the wireless interface.  I never figured out why this happened.  See if you can ssh in.


Thank you for your reply. BTW, I found the solution: it seems that the Cambium has a bug with DMZ. If you enable the DMZ behind the Cambium, Then you are unable to reach it using http. Disabling the DMZ and using the port Forwarding mode everything works fine.

Is someone able to confirm this bug?

Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. I was going crazy trying to get the web gui to work on my epmp 2000. Once I changed the webservice to https, I could get into it.