Unable to default PMP 320 CPE

There is only two ways of defaulting this unit:

1.  Restore the factory default settings by using the CSM GUI restore function located at Management > Restore Default, then reboot the radio.

2.  Use the Reset factory default tool, which may be downloaded from the
Cambium support website ( https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp320 )

Default username and password should be User: administrator / Passwd: cambium

NOTE: Previous to CSM software version f12b00-v8.1.4, the CSM’s default administrator password was ‘motorola’. If a factory default procedure is initiated for a CSM with software version >= f12b00-v8.1.4 which is still configured with the default password of ‘motorola’, the default administrator password will be changed to ‘cambium’.

For the reset tool to work properly, you need to use it on Windows XP system with: Riverbed Winpcap version 4.1 or later from http://www.winpcap.org/ and Microsoft .NET framework version 2.5 or later from www.microsoft.com/net/

The reset button inside of the unit only reboots the device. Nothing else.