Unable to launch the client with warning message “Wireless Manager has not started completely”

This indicate that the Wireless Manager has not completely started and we need to restart the WM server. Until this warning message is cleared, we can not run the client successfully.  

Solution: This is due to some processes are still running using TCP port 9090, so we have to stop them.
Below is the list of command to check the process ID using TCP 9090 and on how to kill those PID.

To check the process use command:
#fuser –n tcp 9090

To kill the process use command:
#kill -9 <pid-1 pid-2 pid-3 >  Add all the pid’s to the list

• Check the wmserver status and make sure the service is stopped.
#service wmserver status

• Start the service again
#service wmserver start

Performing the above steps should launch the client successfully without any warning message. If you still have any issue, please call our hotline number or send an email to support@cambiumnetworks.com 


Harish Krishna

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