Unable to log in to ePMP3000 AP from home network

I have a ePMP3000, and I’m connected using a ePMP1000 SM.

Router, switch, 3000, and 1000, all connected with the same subnet. 10.XX.XX.XX

From the router, I can log into Anything (port 80). From home, I can’t log into the 3000. Everything else, I can log into… just NOT the ePMP 3000??

Got to be something in the ePMP 3000AP settings, I haven’t touched anything in years??

Anywhere I can go poke around?

Thanks everyone

Assuming the 1000 is in bridge mode and it’s not a subnet/routing problem then it is most likely this setting on the 3000 AP-

Configuration > Network > Advanced section > Management Access: Ethernet or Ethernet and Wireless.