Unable to ping devices connected to AUX port

I have a problem where I am unable to ping a PTP450i that is connected to and powered by the AUX port of another PTP450i radio. What’s really odd is that I am able to access the web interface of the radio, even though I cannot ping it. Both radios work perfectly fine otherwise. We are running release 20.2.1.

Does anyone else have this problem?


This issue is present in several versions of 20.X firmware.
in recent test made with the lastest beta version (20.3-BETA-2) and this issue was fixed… so try to update the BH to 20.3.1

This is interesting. We had one location where we couldn’t establish a connection to a CCTV camera that was connected to the AUX port of a PMP450i SM. Another CCTV camera on the main PSU port worked perfectly fine. Fortunately the end user had a pass through port on their camera and they were able to use it to connect both devices to the PSU port. We were operating at 20.2. Downgrading to didn’t fix the problem. We opened a ticket with Cambium but the cause wasn’t identified as being associated with any particular software versions. Thanks. Don