Unable to recover V3000


In attempting to configure a second DN which I’m not having much luck doing. I enabled the “main” relay port and saved. After that lost connectivty.
Have tried multiple times to connect to it via the recover IP address. But as shown below in the pings below. The pings tiem out and can’t get to the recovery page
Have previously been able to get to this page.
Any ideas as I’ve now locked out 2 x V3000s!! Both are on 1.21.

THanks, Rob.

Either of the two ways

  1. Use Aux port and access https://IP address
  2. Use recovery page as described in Recovering a cnWave60GHz device – Forgotten IP address / Forgotten password / Factory Reset. With 1.2.1, there is a button to reset configuration. In the snapshot, device is responding to, during that time GUI is not opening ?

Just checking the usecase, after enabling relay port, do you intend to connect the V3K on the main port to another V3K or V5K ?

Thanks Kiran,

  1. Will try today, just checking its https or http for the recovery page? Instructions on recovering show http.
    I’ll try both but would be good to get clarity as I’ve noticed both http & https being mentioned…adds to confusion.
  2. Is this a physical button or the fact you’re mentioning software version it’s only accessible via GUI. if GUI no help to my problem because I can’t get to to the GUI.
    As a note using 1.2.1.
    Screenshot is straight after power on factory reset process.

Keep you posted.

  1. I’m attempting to setup a second DN on a 3000 which will connect to a local E2E running on a 5000. Can’t find any instructions on how to do this. I’ve raised a ticket on this already.


Was able to recover the unit using these few pointers.

  1. Recovery page is on
    Standard factory default configuration page is (Unless you’ve recovered the device or it’s straight our of the box, you can’t get to the https page)
  2. Can only get to the recovery page up to 10 seconds after power up.
  3. Once you’re able to get to the recovery page, pings will be stable and you won’t get timeouts.
  4. If you’ve ever connected to the https port, found that chrome and IE despite entering in the url line will try and revert back to connecting on
    If that happens, you will never get to the recover page.
  5. To get around the point above, setup IE home page to be and was able to get into the device.
  6. Once you’ve completed the recover process, access to the will become available.
  7. Aux port recovery access don’t bother, Can’t even get a ping response.

After hours wasted…back to setting up 1 local E2E controller with multi DNs.

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Hi Rob,

I’m sorry for the trouble you are having. Please see this article on relay ports:

By default, the Main, Aux & SFP are all part of the same layer 2 bridge interface used for both end-to-end layer 2 traffic and IPv4 management. By configuring a port for relay function, it is taken out of this bridge and therefore will no longer be usable for IPv4 management of the node. I believe this is the issue you have experienced before recovering. Another way to think of the relay port is an OPEN/R layer 3 port.

Can you please clarify what you are trying to do here:

Have you seen this video on installing a simple relay topology?


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Hi Jack,

I’m an expert now on recovering cnWave products!
Also quickly getting my head around the E2E controller and the fact don’t really need IPV4 management access to all but the controller in a cnwave environment.
The nasty learning was enabling the relay port on a device effectively disables IPV4 man access to that the device on that port.

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I have the same problem, I tried all the options, pressed all the buttons, but the device does not boot.

Please help me with any ideas.

I tried doing a reset - it doesn’t help.

I tried adding firmware - it doesn’t help.

the indicator is constantly lit red.

Did you try waiting a mindboggling amount of time after attempting things ? I have found the cnwave gear to be sooooooooooo slow to come back that I repeatedly would interrupt it to try … anything to get a response
Try something and go for a coffee, leave it alone you may be pleasantly surprised … later

Hello, Fiber Slayer

thanks for the reply.

I did a factory reset. I’ve been waiting for about an hour. there is no result.

the red diode is lit.

it does not ping.

I’m waiting further.

@kazakov_aleksandr :
Can you raise a ticket in cambium support and we will be able to help you.
Can you provide more information on which device it is.
Was the factory reset of the device successful ?
Did you try hard power cycling the device after the factory-reset.
I presume this is a fresh out of the box device and it has never come up.

Hope you dont need to wait like Hachiko for the devices to come up :slight_smile:

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Hello, KKN001

I turned to a local specialist.

he installed the software.

according to him, the device did not work due to the fact that the firmware for the v5000 was installed.

someone made a mistake at the factory.

my device is v3000

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