Unable to remove SMs from CBRS since a recent update to On-Prem 3.1.1-r8

We are seeing an issue with our Maestro On-Prem where we get an error when trying to remove a radio from the system.
We get the same error when trying to remove the SM from the Inventory screen or the CBRS tool. Error is “CBRS Procedure is in progress or CBRS status is not synced.” We recently updated the system to 3.1.1-r8 and have seen the issue since that time.

To add notes to this issue:

The error described by Miah was received while trying to delete the device from the inventory screen. If we use that screen to try to deregister the radio, it immediately gives us an error message saying it failed to deregister.

While attempting removal with the tool:
Deleting while acknowledging the device will be deregistered, or requesting a deregister, the job queue states “Scheduled” for around 10-20 seconds and then reports “completed with device failures” the failures all state that “The device cannot be deregistered”.
We attempted to relinquish the grant and re-init the radio, attempting to deregister and delete after each step, and were given the same error.

I attempted to log into the paired Cloud account and deregister the radio from there. We get a message stating that the deregister was successful, but the radio isn’t removed from the cloud tool or changed status in any way.

We were able to delete a couple of radios that were being tested and therefore actively trying to reach the SAS through a registered AP, but any radio that is offline appears to be unremovable.

We were able to remove the radios today after more than a week of the above errors.
All but one of the radios were able to be removed from the CBRS tool, then removed from Inventory. All of those radios were listed as Registered or Granted and Config Synced in the CBRS tool prior to a successful removal.

The radio that still gave an issue showed up as Halt-Not Synced in the CBRS tool. Running a Re-Init on that single SM changed the status to Authorized-Not Synced and the SM was then able to be removed from both the CBRS tool and Maestro Inventory.