unable to talk to cmm micro

Using a private IP I can communicate with our Micro for only a day or two after reboot. The cluster works fine. Any thoughts?

to access the CMM micro do you use port forwarding from a real worldIP? or doyou physically have to connect into that networkto access it?

My sites that use port forwarding an outside Addy to get to the inside IP tend to see this same trend, the web interface locks up aftersome time. But at our main sites, the AP’s, BH’s and CMM’s are all on a private non-routable address on the inside, the NEVER lock up, ever. To access these, I either have to be at the main office physically, or using Citrix I remotely log into one of our servers to access the equipment.

We currently use a private, non-routable ip and still the cmm’s web interface locks up.

Are you using SNMP to poll the micro? We have had a few people call regarding this same issue and it appears to be tied to the frequent polling. Engineering is looking into the issue.

No. I only talk to the Micro from the same network. I have even connected directly to the switch and it still won’t recognize its own ip. The only way to repair is to reboot it. It will work for a few days at best.

When the web interface locks up, can you ping the device and get replies?

No. The device does not respond