Unable to upload 450 firmware .tar.gz file to on-prem cnMaestro

Hi, I am trying to upload the CANOPY_15.1.5.tar.gz file from the Cambium PMP 450 firmware archives (https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/pmp450/archive) to an on-prem cnMaestro v2.2.1-r32.  However, I receive an error message in cnMaestro when uploading the firmware Application->Server page of "Unrecognized File".  The url within cnMaestro is /home-view/server/softwareImages/.

The reason we are trying to upload such an old firmware for use is to test stability issues we've noticed since upgrading to 16.0.1.

We want to apply the firmware on Monday or Tuesday via cnMaestro if possible, so any assistance would be very much appreciated.


My co-worker was able to get it to take, so closing ticket!

Hi Rachel, glad you were able to resolve.  I just wanted to post this since I have also run into this and I had to manually add the .gz extension to the file after after downloading it to a computer (MAC).  Thanks for posting that you were able to resolve.