Unable to use left menu in cnMaestro desktop view on mobile

It is not working after any new release of cnmaestro cloud. Typical for Cambium :sob::sob::sob:

Hi Pshemo (@PFR) – it looks like the initial issue is for the cnPilot Web UI. Could you please clarify the problem you are noticing in cnMaestro Cloud?

No access to left menu on mobile (switched to pc view)

Hi Pshemo (@PFR) – if you click the three lines at the top, you get the menu below. Is that not working? If so, what phone are you using?

@Rob I’m using s20+ 5g from Samsung. Browser is Samsung Browser based on Chrome.
Problem is visible when I switch from mobile view in the browser to the computer view.
In this moment left menu is inaccessible :frowning: 3 lines are not present in Computer view.
This probem was present before last update but someday it was disapear . I don’t know why ?
Sometime on the phone is better to work in pc mode (ex onbording process), but now it is not possible in full funcionality.