Unable to view my DVR and cameras outside my LAN.

cnpilot is a r200 - IP assigned is

DVR - IP assigned is

Port forwarding is enabled on the cnpilot with port 80 being forwared to

I'm able to view the DVR and video inside my network (LAN) but when I attept to reach them via an app on my phone that I use to view them when I'm away from home I cannot get to the DVR and see the video.

Port forwarding was working when I was using Century Link's DSL. But since my switch to a wirless ISP I cannot view my DVR system. Any help getting this working again?

Please let me know if you are able to ping to your WAN IP of R200 when you are away from home/ from internet .

If yes, you should not face any problem while accessing your DVR from outside LAN.

If No, Please ask your wireless ISP  to provide IP which can be reachable from internet

Update: I called my wireless ISP and asked if I could get a static IP. They said it would be an additional charge of $10 a month to my bill. I agreed to the charge. I remoted into the cnPilot via  the URL management page and logged into the main page. Under the Network tab and the WAN option I changed the IP from DHCP to static and assigned the IP they gave me along with the subnet mask, gateway and correct VLAN they provided. Under the Network tab, Port forwarding option I set the IP of my DVR along with the port. I rebooted the cnPilot and bingo I was able to see my cameras from outside my LAN. Thanks to those who responded to my post.