unexpected change of IP address

The IP address of my eForce radios over night change to the default IP addresses i.e. I need assistance because I can no longer access them remoutely.

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Are you using dhcp for them? If so make sure your still sending ip addresses to it. They’ll fall back to that if they expire and don’t get an update.


Thanks Chris,

From your reply above, if my AP is congured to give out IP addresses dynamically, the SM will fall back to default IP address when the lease time expires? How do we prevent this from happening again? We have enough range of IP addresses and the SM suppose to take up IP address once they are live.


Your SM will fall back to the default IP if they can't get an IP address from the DHCP server. So in this case the assumption is that when the leases ran out for some reason your SM's were unable to get an IP from the DHCP server (Your AP in this case ?)  so they defaulted to the factory IP.  

If that is the case then the problem you are trying to solve is "Why isn't AP handing out addresses" or "Why are my SM's not asking the AP for addresses".   If you have your AP configured to hand out addresses to your SM's the you may want to check the AP (possibly reboot it ?) and make sure the settings are correct. Otherwise are you sure the customer radios didn't default (can happen if the power went off and on several times in a row in that area if you don't turn off the "Reset Via Power Sequence"  option under  "Backup/Restore".

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