Unexpected errors when trying to save a project


I am having issues with saving my projects.  Everytime I open my project, the save button lits up, and when I push it i get the following error:

Unexpected errors (click for details)


<ProductMode x1 (QPSK MIMO-A)>


Traceback (most recent call last):
File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2872, in OnSaveProject
File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2844, in _save_project
File "link_planner\wxapp\main_frame.pyc", line 2800, in do_save
File "link_planner\model\generic.pyc", line 3791, in save
File "link_planner\model\serialise\serialise.pyc", line 595, in save_project
File "link_planner\model\serialise\format_v2.pyc", line 1507, in save_project
File "link_planner\model\serialise\format_v2.pyc", line 1592, in serialise_project
File "genshi\core.pyc", line 184, in render
File "genshi\output.pyc", line 58, in encode
File "genshi\output.pyc", line 241, in __call__
File "genshi\output.pyc", line 669, in __call__
File "genshi\output.pyc", line 774, in __call__
File "genshi\output.pyc", line 594, in __call__
File "genshi\core.pyc", line 289, in _ensure
File "genshi\template\base.pyc", line 618, in _include
File "genshi\template\markup.pyc", line 326, in _match
File "genshi\template\base.pyc", line 558, in _flatten
File "genshi\template\directives.pyc", line 169, in _generate
File "genshi\template\base.pyc", line 289, in _eval_expr
File "genshi\template\eval.pyc", line 177, in evaluate
File "C:\Program Files\Cambium Networks\LINKPlanner\data_files\project.xml", line 394, in <Expression u'get_attrs(sm.link)'>
File "link_planner\model\serialise\common.pyc", line 110, in get_attribute_dict
KeyError: <ProductMode x1 (QPSK MIMO-A)>

So, I've found a solution which makes saving possible - I go to "PMP Links" in the project-tree, and i add the "SM Mod Mode Required" as a column.  This seems to update all of the sm's, and I am able to save (read something about this in another thread on the forum, but this was related to an earlier release of LinkPlanner).  Well - I am able to save when using this method - the only problem is that I have to do this everytime I open my project.  Of course I do not have to save my project unless I've done any changes, but if I have made a change, or added anything, I am not able to save until I've been to the "PMP Links" in the project-tree (which I assume updates all sm's mod mode once more).

Is this a known issue to anyone, and in case - do anyone have a fix for this?


We've seen this issue when a project was saved in an older version, which had a bug with the required mod mode setting. Once the required mod modes have been set and the project has been saved in the current version it should be okay for subsequent saves. If it isn't then there may be another bug that we have missed.

Can you send your project file to linkplanner@cambiumnetworks.com so that we can investigate?




I've sent the project as per requested.

Thanks for the project. I can reproduce the error and we will try to fix this in the next release. For now you can work around the problem if you save in ".lpp" format after visiting the PMP Links panel. Once the file is in this format it appears to save without any problems without having to view the PMP Links panel first.



Hi, and thanks for your quick reply!

Based on your reply in the forum, I tried saving as lpp myself, and it seemed to do the trick!  I didn't think of it before, as I thought using the new linkplanner automatically changed the file format to lpp the first time you saved after using the new linkplanner…